Feed Machinery Modulator Function

Post time:2015-04-10

Feed machinery modulator can process the powdery material by curing. Feed machinery modulator can also improve water resistance of the pellet feed.

feed machinery modulator.jpgHow to use FEED MACHINERY MODULATOR? In the feed industry specific terminologies, conditioning refers to the hydro-thermal treatment to the powdery material before feed material pelletizing. Now, let’s introduce the feed machinery modulator function.

First of all, feed machinery modulator can process the powdery material by curing.
1) It can increase the starch gelatinization degree of the feed so as to improve animal’s digestive ability of the starch.
2) It can promote albuminous degeneration and improve pellet feed digestibility.
3) It adopts some extent of high temperature and can kill most of the pathogenic bacteria so as to ensure the feed sanitation level.

Second, feed machinery modulator can improve water resistance of the pellet feed.
During the tempering process, the viscidity component gelatinized starch and denatured protein in the material can give full play the function as the binder and can effectively bond other components in the surrounding. Under the squeezing action of compression molding and compression roller, the mutual combination among particles becomes tighter and makes the pellet feed become more dense and bright and clean outside. This ensures the material cannot be easily eroded by the moisture and increases the pellet feed stability in the water.



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