Key Points for Feed Machinery Maintenance

Post time:2015-04-13

Today, we will introduce some key points for feed machinery maintenance....

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Today, we will introduce some key points for FEED MACHINERY MAINTENANCE:

First, when the bearing has wear, we need to replace it with new one according to the original standard.

Second, when the hammer has serious wear, the included angle can become rounded and the front end will be worn. Then, we should adjust the hammer angle. To make the rotor balanced, we can change the four hammers simultaneously and install according to the original arrangement methods.

Third, when the screen slice is worn, we need change it in time. When we install the new one, the screen shoe and the screen slice should attach each other closely. We should also notice to prevent feed blocking at the joint part or material leakage.

From the above introduction, we can have a preliminary understanding about the key points for feed machinery maintenance. If you have more questions, please contact us without hesitation. 

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