Automatic Control Granulator

  • Automatic Control Granulator

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Automatic control granulator can improve granulation plant efficiency 5-20%.

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Automatic control granulator
1.Improving efficiency: this control system can improve granulation plant efficiency 5-20%.
2.Saving electric energy: it can save electric energy 0.8-1.3KWH for each ton of material production.
3.Maintenance: malfunction warning, maintenance warning.
4.10.2 inches of touch screen as human-computer interface displays each site parameter and production curve distribution diagram.
5.It adopts pneumatic control valve and pneumatic stop valve to control granulator steam quantity and has the features of high positional accuracy, rapid switch and long service life.
6.We adopt multivariable effect to control feeding capacity and steam quantity automatically and stabilize the main engine electricity and material temperature.
7.There are two working types: automatic operation and manual operation and the operating modes can be selected.
8.Equipment protection: it realizes automatic bypass during overcurrent. When continuous overcurrent exceeds the setting time, it will automatically stop.
9.Recipe management: the system can store different recipe parameter. When the machine starts up, it can choose the recipe operation directly. When the material feeding stops, it can control the storehouse vibration machine to avoid material blocking.
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