Cooling Sizing Screen

  • Cooling Sizing Screen

Short Description:

Cooling Sizing Screen has fluent material discharging and uniform baiting.

Product Detail

Production Case

  Suitable for cooling kinds of pellets, like feed pellets or fuel energy wood pellets, etc;

  Adopt unique vibrate materials discharging institution, discharging evenly, no residue; the advantage are Low Residue, Smooth and Reliable Discharging;

  The pellets after cooling, the temperature not higher room temperature 3-5 degree;

  Different cooling area for different capacity requirement, which is will meet with your various demands;

  Unique arc-shaped cooling bin, no cooling dead corner.

  Cooling Sizing Screenhas the following features:

  1. Fluent material discharging, uniform baiting

  2. There has an access door on one side, which is convenient for maintenance repair. The organic glass inspection window helps to observe indoor material condition.

  3. Reverse-flow cooling has better efficiency.

  4. It integrates cooling with sizing and reduces floor apace and investment.

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