Who We Are

Lushan Win Tone Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Lushan Win Tone Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.) was established in 1995. It owns total assets of 130 million RMB with 280 staff including 53 professional technicians and 21 engineers.

The company has a new modern standard workshop of 96,000 ㎡, which owns first class coarse grain processing and manufacturing equipments as well as a national technology research and development center. It is a leading company integrated with research, manufacture and marketing of grain projects.

Win Tone has ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and more than 20 new practical products patents.

Win Tone has a modern manufacturing base, a precision casting factory, a research and development center for grain, oil and starch syrup processing lines and an international trade center, guaranteeing efficient technology as well as high quality and precision equipments. Win Tone provides processing designs according to client’s different needs, creates new value for them and offers complete solutions for grain processing machinery. We have professional after-sales service team to timely solve problems during operation, and provide complete after-sales service technology to eliminate client’s worries.

Located in Henan, we serve our customers both home and abroad. We have 300 sales agencies. Our products are popular in over 30 provinces and cities in China and are also exported to more than 40 countries and areas in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Win Tone upholds the idea of looking at the enterprise as the core, customers as the carrier, science and technology as the support, win-win situation as the goal. Our independent products have been used in healthy food enterprises, alcohol enterprises, starch enterprises, and sugar enterprises. This is a deep revolution in idea and technology of grain deep processing.

Win Tone is walking in the front of the international coarse grain machines industry.

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What We Supply

Finished-products Finished products

We mainly produces engineering equipment for all kinds of primary, refined, and deep processed food such as corn, grains, food, health care, and biological fermentation, providing complete solutions for grain processing machinery.

Finished-products Custom casting and machining

Win Tone has a modern manufacturing base, professional national technology R &D center and after-sales service team.

Production Ability



• Solidworks, UG, CAXA, CAD
• CPSS(Casting Process Simulation System)


• 4-ton medium frequency induction furnace
• 2-ton medium frequency induction furnace


• Two 3.4*2.3*1.8 Meters Chamber Electric heat treatment furnaces
• One 2.2*1.2*1 Meter Chamber Electric heat treatment furnaces


• Two 1.25 meters vertical lathe
• Four 1.6 meters vertical lathe
• One 2 meters vertical lathe
• One 2.5 meters vertical lathe
• One 3.15 meters vertical lathe
• One 2*6 meters milling planer


• 1 set 1250 ton oil pressure floating matching
• 1 set suspended blasting machine


• OBLF direct-read spectrometer.
• Metallographic tester.
• Penetrate inspection tools. • Hardness tester.
• Thermocouple thermometer.
• Infrared thermometer.
• Dimension tools